Act Natural

Today I dropped off my pieces for Art Hop, which is in three days. 

It was cool walking into the art house and seeing a lot of pieces from other artists laying against walls and on tables. 

I was struck with a feeling of inferiority. Every artist being featured is so much more experienced than I am (I’ve hardly been painting 5 months.) And their able to show these profound depths of their imaginations very vividly. It’s striking. And I felt silly, standing waiting for my turn to register my pieces. Everyone else around me has obviously superior talent and they looked comfortable. Relaxed. They looked like they belonged. They even dressed like you’d expect artsy creative people to dress. And I could feel very clearly that my demeanor and the canvases I held made me stick out.

What pleasantly surprised me was I was treated with kindness and patience. It didn’t occur to me until I interacted with a couple of them that they might be thinking about when they were at the stage I’m at now. That they might not see me as inferior.

I’m just impatient to step up to the level where I belong. Seeing the pieces I did today inspired me and started up a new drive to get to a new place mentally where I can be on par with the ‘grown up’ artists.

I’m excited.



One thought on “Act Natural

  1. Re: other artists appearing confident, looking artsy, etc. I had a friend who used to say, “The quickest way to drive yourself insane is to compare your insides to other people’s outsides.” There’s a lot to it.

    Also, for a time I and some other people taking art classes as well as some of the instructors, used to enter an annual competition at a museum in Sacramento. Those who got rejected one year and knew how these things went would often enter the same piece the following year and get in. The way it went was, the judges all had their own biases.

    Like in writing, it’s a matter of developing a thick enough skin to keep going and be able to receive useful criticism without letting it derail one’s efforts. Good luck, and to quote the Grateful Dead, “Keep on trucking’.”

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